Assistant Professor

Go Yun Ii
Roles and responsibilities

 Dr Go Yun Ii is Assistant Professor with the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences.


Dr Go Yun Ii's publications and research grants are in the area of optical communication including traffic management, encodings, modulations and multiple access schemes. Dr Go received Best Oral Presentation Award in Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Engineering International Conference, 2008 and Best Oral Presentation Award in World Congress on Electronics & Electrical Engineering, 2013. She also won Golden Lecturer Award from Inti International University.


Dr Go Yun Ii holds Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Master of Science (Engineering) and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic. She is registered under Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) and a Graduate Member of Institute of Engineer Malaysia (IEM). She is also a member of Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and The Optical Society (OSA).

Having 12 years of experience in Institution of Higher Education, she has been involved in teaching UK Bachelor Degree programs, UK Degree Transfer Program and Study Abroad Program. She played a leading role in curriculum development, accreditation and programme promotion activities for the electrical and electronics discipline.

Further information

Dr Go is a Chartered Engineer who registered with the Engineering Council, UK. She also served as technical program committee, reviewer and organizing committee in various international conferences. She volunteered in member advisory network, OSA and currently served as subcommittee in Electrical Engineering Technical Division, IEM.