The Start Smart programme comprises a mini-series of three coaching sessions which can be accessed online. Our experienced coaches assist students to work in partnership with their parents in exploring study and career options, in gaining practical tips to improve study skills, and in making informed decisions about university and beyond. Students should expect to complete homework assignments between sessions.

Workshop 1: Partnering for success

This session sets the scene by promoting effective communication. Think of it as a voyage of shared discover about fond memories, hopes and expectations. 

Workshop 2: Charting your course

This session explores what students enjoy doing and what they are good at. Our coach will steer participants towards aligning their dreams with what is possible. This knowledge can help to inform future career directions. 

Workshop 3: Designing success steps

This session guides students in taking their actions forward. We will introduce effective study skills and other practical tips necessary to achieve personal goals. 

Previous attendees said they would recommend Start Smart to their friends and family. Comments include “I leave this programme with a wealth of knowledge”, “I have a clearer goal for the future” and “I feel encouraged to plan for the future”.

Success Coaches

Entry requirements

Students who will be sitting for SPM and STPM exams (or equivalent).  


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From time-to-time, we also offer the programme in bite-sized chunks. For schools and NGOs, we can offer bespoke sessions. Please contact Jasmine Low for further details. Charges may apply.