EmPOWER Programme


EmPOWER is an innovative programme that encourages its students to hone their soft skills. It is a four-level structured programme that is aimed at future-proofing graduates, to unleash their potential and to prepare them to stand out and have an impact in a highly uncertain world. As students go through the programme, they accumulate Watts Students will have a transcript that will document their developmental journey. The first level (Watt level), where students may accumulate up to 999 Watts, is delivered through a course that is aimed at “Self Leadership” and “Defining Impact”. The other three levels are achieved through a more personalised approach where different students will work with their personal tutors.

The four levels of EmPOWER are:

Leading Self (Watt)
This level focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence; developing positive personal qualities such as resilience, happiness, self-awareness and self-motivation; leadership style awareness; and developing a personal impact statement. Students will work in teams on a community project related to their impact statement, and also create SMART goals and a Personal Development Plan. This Watt level is delivered via experiential learning and assessed through a credit bearing-course guiding student’s progress to the Kilowatt level.
Leading Teams (Kilowatt)
At this level, students will hone their appreciation for team dynamics, practise their relationship management skills through developing others, leading projects, events and campus extra-curricular activities. These will enhance their people skills in navigating differing value perspectives.
Leading Communities (Megawatt)
At this level, students will aspire to impact communities - raise awareness of global challenges, volunteer for a cause, and enhance their Social and Economic Capital.
Leading Enterprises (Gigawatt)
This level will help inculcate holistic and systematic thinking capabilities. Students at this level will be able to have an impact on industry practices and create jobs or raise funds through their own businesses or social entrepreneurial ventures.

Listen to our students' EmPOWER experience and their Impact statements as a result of this programme on our Youtube channel.

For more information, download the Empower Programme flyer.