What is an Inter-Campus Transfer?

Heriot-Watt University is a truly global place to learn. We have campuses in the UK, Dubai and Malaysia, each delivering the high quality teaching you expect from one of the UK's leading universities.

As a Heriot-Watt student, you're part of our international family. 

Take advantage of our international campus locations by transferring to another location for a semester, a year or longer.

How can an Inter-Campus Transfer benefit you?

Visit a new country, meet new people and experience a way of life you might never otherwise discover, the benefits are immense.

You'll graduate with a Heriot-Watt University degree regardless of which campus you choose – the qualification is just the same. Our values, our prestige and our teaching methods are all the same, regardless of whether you're in Dubai, Malaysia or our UK campuses.

Transferring students pay the fee of the campus they are transferring to and some discounts may apply. However, if you are a Scottish or EU student funded by SAAS, your fees are paid to the UK campus as normal, even though you will be studying at an overseas campus. Similarly, students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland apply for funding and fees are paid to the UK campus.

Our programmes are taught in English. Apart from local holidays, the semesters are just the same.  

So you can take time to absorb a new cultural experience without any interruption to your studies. 

Opting for an Inter-Campus Transfer to study abroad has a major benefit of having the opportunity to see the world around you and take in a new culture. It's all about learning and getting a new life experience.

Vishant Kalwani, transferred from Dubai to Edinburgh Campus for one year