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Building on Adam Smith’s “Theory of Moral Sentiments”, this course inspires and empowers executives to model and communicate ethics with a suite of leadership skills that drive best-in-class practice.

A unique online programme brought to you through our collaboration with GrowDynamics and Panmure House, the home of renowned economist Adam Smith. 

You will receive a certificate of achievement from Edinburgh Business School, CPD hours and have the option to gain 20 course credits.



Focusing on leadership and the work of Adam Smith, our course, which was specially developed for Hong Kong executives is framed around recent ESG Governance and incorporates detailed learning around the importance of leadership, ethics and Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiment.

You will be given access to our acclaimed Leadership Theory and Practice course, which is part of the university’s award winning MBA.  Hosted on a virtual learning platform it includes interactive content such as up-to-date videos, relevant journal articles, core text book reading, news articles and case studies.

You can take part in discussion boards with fellow members and our faculty using the course forum. You will take part in four three-hour interactive seminars taught by our professors.

At the end of the course you can take an optional three-hour exam, receive 20 credits (on passing), which can be used to progress onto our MBA programme. Those taking the exam are offered a fourth three-hour revision seminar.



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