Khaldoun Aboutaleb

What led you to choose Heriot-Watt Dubai for your degree in MSc Business Psychology? 

I decided to join Heriot-Watt University, Dubai for the excellent reputation it has; specifically,because it is the only University providing an MSc in Business Psychology in the region with the same quality and teaching techniques in the UK.

Can you tell us about your favourite course or topic of study from your degree? Any memorable experiences…? Which professors have played an important role during your time at Heriot-Watt Dubai?  

Being experienced in the field; I found the degree enjoyable and full of real business-related knowledge which made it very meaningful for me; mainly I enjoyed the courses leadership, organisation change, diversity and human factors widening my knowledge in those areas.

Group work assignments were a great experience; it was fun and competitive among groups and the great memories we had together in class with tons of videos and photos taken of those fun moments and achievements together.

It was a pleasure, and I was lucky to be a student of my Professors, Ms. Lucy Bolton & Mr. Greg Fantham, whom both made it even more enjoyable with their professional teaching standards and extremely modern and supportive learning process they had with us.

How would you describe the approach to your MSc programme here at Heriot-Watt Dubai? 

The programme is well designed and fully committed to UK teaching standards; as we have full access to UK learning materials and online library as well as Dubai’s learning materials from our Professors and the on-campus library too. Assignments and group work make us ready for the final written exams, especially with the revision sessions we get in class and effective guidance from our Professors and other workshops we had during each semester which enriched our studying and research skills.

What are your career plans? Do you feel what you’ve learned on your degree has helped prepare you for your next step?

 The degree gave me the required updated knowledge and practices which made me ready for my next move in my career I am targeting.

What would you say to prospective Heriot-Watt Dubai students joining the university?

 I encourage everyone thinking about MSc in Business Psychology or any other from here to never think twice; it is professional, worth it and full of fun …You will be as proud as we are to be Heriot-Watt Dubai alumni.