2+2 Undergraduate Study Mode

At Heriot-Watt it is possible for students to spend the first two years of their Undergraduate programme at our Dubai Campus and then transfer to our UK campuses for the final two years. Unlike Inter-Campus Transfers within our Go Global programme, which may be subject to availability, 2+2 students are guaranteed transfer to the UK for years three and four.

Our 2+2 Undergraduate Study Mode allows you to become a global student by experiencing living and studying in two very different and interesting countries.


The fees for the 2+2 Undergraduate Study Mode are:
School Dubai Campus (Year 1 and 2) Fees/Year AED* UK Campus (Years 3 and 4) Fees/Year GBP
School of Social Sciences 67,400 13,370
School of Textiles and Design: Interior Design/Fashion Marketing and Retailing 70,550 14,000
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences: Computer Science 81,440 16,160
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences: Actuarial Science 70,550 14,000
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society: Architectural Engineering 70,550 14,000
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society: Civil Engineering 81,440 16,160
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences 81,440 16,160

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for each programme are stated in the Dubai Undergraduate Prospectus. Students progressing to the UK also need to have the minimum IELTS entry requirement as per UK visa regulations. 

However, please note that transfers to a UK Campus are conditional upon students obtaining a relevant visa. Outstanding resit exams may result in a delay in obtaining a visa and hence delay the transfer.

How to apply

Students can apply now by emailing their interest to dubaienquiries@hw.ac.uk.

Find out more

For further information on our 2+2 Undergraduate Study Mode, please contact dubaienquiries@hw.ac.uk.