Importance of industry partnerships

Industry partnership succeeds when both parties have a shared goal. Together we aim to overcome challenges facing the sector and to prepare the next generation of qualified construction professionals with appropriate skills and knowledge to meet the requirement of the industry.

Collaborative partnerships can also have important benefits for the economy and local communities. Industry-sponsored university research is often developed into practical applications that can have tangible benefits for business and society. Opportunities also arise for university spinouts that develop new products and services and create employment opportunities.

The Centre of Excellence in Smart and Sustainable Construction will undertake funded research that best align to the needs of the industry. We will ensure the curriculum is backed by thorough academic research and that the Centre assists students in developing projects defined and assessed by research-led academics and industry experts.

Heriot-Watt University was awarded a 5 Star Rating in KHDA HEC in 2019 and 2020 and in 2019 was also voted Forbes Best University in the Middle East, recognising the university’s access to extended networks, executive education training and provide access to future talent. Engaging in joint research initiatives, establishing new networks, creating and exchanging new knowledge are just some of the advantages of industry-academic partnerships.

Partnering with us will strengthen internal research culture and development initiatives, help in identifying innovative solutions for challenges in construction practice and aid the adoption of new research and innovation techniques.

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