CIB International Conference on Smart Built Environment


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The Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction, Heriot-Watt University is hosting a unique CIB international conference focusing on smart built environment, in partnership with Leeds Beckett University.

Some of the key encounters facing the world growing cities and urbanization development include: affordable housing, employment, transportation, energy, clean water, food supply, quality education and health services, pollution and waste management. This conference is aimed at addressing how a smart built environment would respond to these challenges; and how the construction industry can accelerate the pace of innovation to deliver a smart built environment. 

The conference theme, 'Accelerating Innovation to Deliver Smart Built Environment' highlights the desires and concerns of the built environment stakeholders and the ability of the construction industry to develop and adopt the culture, technology, and practices that would enable in the construction of smart buildings, robust infrastructures and cities.

Conference themes

We welcome all topics relevant to smart built environment. The following is a representation of these themes:

  • Accelerated innovation process
  • Construction procurement approaches
  • The impact on culture of smart BE
  • Integration of data and information
  • Automation and robotics
  • Infrastructure developments
  • Economics and management of smart BE
  • Performance measurement
  • Asset maintenance and operation
  • Design for smart BE
  • Digital engineering and BIM
  • Smart/intelligent buildings and infrastructure
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Climate change challenges
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Cost-benefit analysis and value added
  • Legal implications of smart BE
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Resilience engineering
  • Agile and lean thinking
  • Business models for smart BE
  • Policies and regulations

Registration links

Dubai Summit -

Virtual Conference -

Important dates

  • Virtual conference - 14th -16th December
  • Dubai summit – 20th and 21st December

Contacts and further information

Chair: Dr Taha Elhag -
Co-Chair: Prof Mohammed Dulaimi -

About CIB

CIB was established in 1953 with the support of the United Nations. CIB has since developed into a world-wide network of over 5,000 experts from about 500 member organisations active in the research community, in industry or in education, who cooperate and exchange information in over 50 CIB commissions covering all fields in building and construction-related research and innovation.

About the Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction

Heriot-Watt University’s Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC) is committed to advancing industry-led innovations in construction that will revolutionise the way we develop, manage and operate smarter cities.

CESC partners with like-minded organisations and government entities to lead the transformation of the Built Environment and development of next generation professionals for the benefit of the economy.

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