The Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) Student Hub, caters for all student needs, regardless of which academic institute they attend.

The Student Hub encourages students to take part in activities, community services and networking to develop leadership skills, positive interpersonal relationship skills, and to encourage exposure to various cultures, ideas, arts and styles of life.

Sports clubs

Dubai Campus students playing basketball

Heriot-Watt University offers an active student life beyond your day to day studies. With a range of sports on offer, such as cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and dragon boating, students can join their favourite sport and participate in Inter-University and league competitions.

In-house activities

A range of talent-building activities extending from clubs such as MUN, Debate, Drama, Dance, Music, Gaming & Anime and Humanitarian activities runs at the Campus.
The DIAC Student Hub also arranges, careers day, cultural gatherings, as well as brings in good offers for students for outings and day trips, such as desert safaris, etc.

Student Council

Student Council is the primary representative body of the students at the Dubai Campus. 

The Student President (a full time role), who is the chair of the Student Council, is elected by the students every year. The Student President also sits on most of the high level committees of the campus. This to ensure that the opinions of the students are considered within the current University matters. Even if you are not a class representative or school officer, your opinion will be voiced through the student representation structure and general meetings. 

The Council always ensures to promote activities within the campus and establishes that there is a social and academic unity among the students, no matter what your background is.

Student development support

Students also take part in an Academic Scholars group, which runs self-help sessions for fellow students who need extra academic support.

Open sessions for student development support are planned to encourage student development and support them through their learning programme. Workshops shall range from plagiarism, exam stress management, time management to wide range of other developmental areas.