Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences at Heriot-Watt University comprises of the Edinburgh Business School and the Department of Psychology and specializes in research and industry-informed undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Being the largest academic school at Heriot-Watt Dubai, the School of Social Sciences provides a range of degree programmes which share an international outlook and a clear focus on producing high caliber, career-ready graduates.

The Edinburgh Business School offers premium business management education at both, undergraduate and postgraduate level. With programs in Accountancy, Business Management, Marketing, Enterprise, Finance, Logistics and Strategy, we are committed to offering world class university experience that will equip you with the skills to succeed in your chosen industry.

Heriot-Watt psychology programmes have been ranked as one of the leading programmes in the UK and takes an applied focus, going beyond textbook and theory to explore real-world uses of psychology. Our psychology graduates have a strong record of employment building careers in business, teaching, counselling, nursing, probation work and market research.

Our approach to teaching and learning places a strong focus on learning for the real world, with an emphasis on practical cases, simulations and playing host to industry in the classroom. We want our graduates to be able to make a contribution to the workplace from day one and we are committed to supporting them as they progress through their careers with lifelong study opportunities.

Dr. Paul Hopkinson, Associate Head – School of Social Sciences and Edinburgh Business School.