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Planning a safe return to our campuses 

We will continue to be guided by local Government advice to support both a strong presence on campus and the ongoing need for flexible and remote working and studying. Given our multiple campuses and hugely varied activities, local risk assessments will play an important role in ensuring all arrangements are appropriate to the space and the activity.

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If you currently hold an offer to begin your studies at Heriot-Watt in September 2022 please see the latest FAQs

Specific guidance for UK Tier 4 visa students

How will my attendance/engagement with study be recorded for visa compliance?
Undergraduate and postgraduate taught students with Tier 4 or Student visas will be sent links to ‘engagement forms’ every 2 weeks by email. These engagement forms must be completed and submitted online, by the deadline noted on the email. Postgraduate Research students will be emailed each calendar month to remind them to make ‘Student Notes’ in PGR Portfolio for attendance/engagement recording purposes.
How can I extend my Tier 4 or Student visa?
Any student with a Tier 4 or Student Visa who believes that they need to extend their visa to complete their studies should contact and arrange to speak to a Global Student Advisor at least 28 days before the expiry date of their current visa. PGR students with Tier 4 or Student Visas should also talk to their supervisors and PGR administrators about applying for an academic extension.
If I have a Tier 4 or Student Visa and am currently studying from my home country due to the pandemic, when will I be required to return to studying on campus in the UK?
The University will follow the guidance and requirements of the UK and Scottish Governments about when overseas students will be expected to return to the UK for study. Students are requested to check the University website, the student portal and their HWU email account frequently for updates as they become available.
Will the University report me to UKVI if I leave the UK?

The University is currently working within UKVI guidance whilst offering Tier 4 students flexibility to leave the UK during COVID-19. On 24th March 2020, UKVI confirmed that universities are not required to withdraw Tier 4 sponsorship of students who are engaged in online/distance learning (provided by their own university) even if the student has chosen to return overseas. Where a Tier 4 student withdraws from study or suspends their studies, the University would be required to withdraw Tier 4 sponsorship as normal. Tier 4 students should discuss withdrawal or suspension of study with their school and with a Global Student Advisor before making firm decisions.  

How do I request a CAS for a visa extension?

Unless advised differently contact to request information and advice about the Tier 4 visa application and submission process. Tier 4 students should follow the latest advice provided by emails, on the student portal and the University website.

How can I access International Student Advice and visa application checking?
Tier 4 students can contact to access advice and guidance. Tier 4 students should continue to check the latest advice provided by emails, on the student portal and the University website.
How can I start the Doctorate Extension Scheme process?

Tier 4 students can contact +44 (0)131 451 4015 as normal to access advice and guidance. Tier 4 students should continue to check the latest advice provided by emails, on the student portal and the University website.

If the UK government make changes that affect my visa, how will I know?

The University will communicate with students about any UK government changes that may impact on their visas.

What can I do if I leave the UK and am unable to return when advised to do so, due to travel restrictions?

As the COVID-19 situation develops, the University will communicate with students about how they can return to the UK to resume study and what to do in the event of any travel restrictions impose in the UK or by other governments. Communications received from UKVI on 24 March 2020 have not set a strict deadline for Tier 4 students to return to the UK for study after the COVID-19 situation ends. The University will provide flexibility where possible to support Tier 4 students who are trying to return to the UK for study.

How can I get support to apply for a visit visa to return to the UK?

Tier 4 students can contact to access advice and guidance. Tier 4 students should follow the latest advice provided by emails, on the student portal and the University website

If I am currently on a work placement, and the placement provider closes their buildings, what am I required to do?

In the first instance, Tier 4 students undertaking work placements should communicate with their placement provider to understand what arrangements are in place for remote working or other alternatives. These students should also communicate with their school office and academic tutors about these arrangements to ensure that the University is aware of the situation, including the location where they will be working. If work placements are likely to be suspended or ended due to COVID-19, Tier 4 students should communicate with their school office and academic tutors and further information and guidance will be provided to them.

What if my PhD viva exam is cancelled and my visa will expire before it can be re-arranged?
If any PhD viva exams are cancelled during COVID-19, the University will direct students to appropriate advice and assistance in managing visa extensions or other appropriate actions to enable students to complete their programmes.
How do I access the latest information and advice from the University about changes related to COVID-19?

The University will provide frequent updates to students and staff about changes related to COVID-19. This information will be provided on the student portal, the University website and by email.

What will happen if I need to extend my Tier 4 visa because of COVID-19 and I may breach my Tier 4 study cap?

Where any Tier 4 student is genuinely concerned that the COVID-19 situation is likely to create problems relating to the Tier 4 study cap, they can contact  to access advice and guidance.

Prospective Tier 4 students

What if I have received a Tier 4 visa and am due to travel into the UK soon, but am worried about the COVID-19 situation or my travel has been cancelled or delayed?
On 24th March 2020, UKVI confirmed that the university is not automatically required to withdraw Tier 4 sponsorship of new overseas students who have been issued a Tier 4 visa but have been unable to travel to the UK. Where available, these students are permitted to undertake supported online / distance learning. If a new overseas student is considering deferring, suspending or withdrawing from their study they should discuss this with their school office and should contact for further guidance. Deferring, suspending or withdrawing from study may lead to the withdrawal of Tier 4 sponsorship.
What guidance does Home Office have for those who have a valid visa but haven’t travelled to the UK yet?
Applicants who hold a valid visa should check initially with their own government websites to ensure that they are up to date on latest travel restrictions from their current locations. In addition, applicants should check the Gov.UK website which is updated regularly.
How can I contact visa application centres outside the UK?
For up to date advice on services in different countries, people should look at the websites of UKVI's commercial partners:
  •  Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East visit:
  •  All other countries visit:
What will happen if I have already made a visa appointment outside the UK, how will I know if my appointment will go ahead?
Where visa applicants have an appointment and the VAC is now closed, commercial partners are contacting customers to advise them the appointment is not going ahead
What will happen if my passport is currently held at a visa application centre outside the UK?
If visa customers have paid for courier return, UKVI's commercial partners are sending passports back (where courier routes remain open to allow them to do so). If applicants are concerned about their passport, customers can contact for advice.
If an individual’s passport is currently held in a VAC but they have not previously arranged for it to be returned by courier, please contact either TLS contact or VFS global directly.
How can I find out about the availability of IELTS tests near me (outside the UK)?
For the latest information, please visit or applicants can contact their test centre directly by email.
If I have applied for a visa from overseas but would now like to withdraw my application, how do I do this?
Before withdrawing their visa application, students should contact their schools to discuss the implications for their studies, they can also contact for further visa advice.
Visa applicants can contact UKVI directly to discuss the withdrawal of their application and are asked to visit our web pages at for further details.
They may also contact the Visa Application Centre (VAC) via UKVI's Commercial Partner websites to ask for their application to be withdrawn. In countries where significant movement restrictions are in place, some of VACs are closed which may make it difficult for them to return documents to them.
Can I receive a refund of my advance fee instalment if I cannot travel to campus or if there is a delay to the start of the academic year?
You are encouraged to continue to pay advance instalments for tuition fees and advance rent payments for the planned start of the new academic year in September.
Should there be any delay to the start of the academic year, or if you are unable to travel to campus because of visa or transport restrictions, you will be given the options of:
  • Starting your programme of study online, where possible, before transferring to on-campus study at an appropriate stage
  • Studying at an alternative campus, with the option to transfer to your campus of choice after the first semester or first year, where applicable
  • Deferring enrolment to a later date
  • Receiving a full refund of your advance instalment