Ready for you to live safely




Flowchart for dealing with suspected COVID cases related to Student (living on campus)

From getting here to that moment you unpack and get settled on one of our Scottish-based campuses, our Accommodation, Res Life and SafeGuarding teams are on hand to help from the moment you arrive, making our campus one of the safest places to live and study, no matter what the circumstances. Proactively responding to the latest Govt guidelines for keeping students safe, our new living arrangements apply to the accommodation both in Edinburgh and in the Jean Muir Student Village at our Scottish Borders Campus.

  • On our leafy and spacious Scottish-based campuses, our single En Suite rooms and flats of five are ideal for creating and living in safe households, in line with Government guidelines.*
  • Guaranteed accommodation for all first year students staying for their first full year of study, from or before October 2021 – deadline to apply and move in is end of October.
  • Arrival: From our partnership with Edinburgh Airport, to our International on-boarding advice hub here to help guide you from door to door, we will be ready to help you reach your accommodation on campus, wherever in the world you are coming from. Please let the Accommodation team know the date and time of your arrival. For more details on arrival, please see Ready for travelling safe.
  • Self-isolation: Blocks dedicated for students who need to self-isolate for 10 days; with a starter food pack and PPE pack provided.
  • Support and wellbeing: Accommodation and Res Life teams on hand to help guide you every step of the way. Alongside Student Wellbeing Services and the Advice Hub at the Student Union, the Res Life wardens (located next to Halls) are also here to support you and chat one to one. We know these are difficult times, but there are lots of people close by to help.
  • Test and protect: Help prevent the spread of coronavirus by getting tested if you have symptoms. Guidance on nearest test centre and processes will be provided. Read the latest Scottish Government guidelines.⁣
  • Online services: All student services – from the Accommodation team to Student Union and Sports Union’s Welcome Week events to Wellbeing and Careers support – are available online, helping you avoid face to face interaction if you would prefer.

*With facilities like the Student Union, on-campus food and catering, Oriam (Scotland's Sports Performance Centre) and the NHS University Health Centre nearby on our Edinburgh Campus - you can stay safe on campus, safe in the knowledge that everything you need is on your doorstep.

To learn more about accommodation on our campuses visit the links below.

Face coverings in Student Residencies

Face coverings must be worn (unless you are exempt) at all times except when eating or drinking, seated and a minimum distancing of 1m is maintained. 

At the start of semester 1, again, unless exempt, face-coverings will be required in all teaching settings, the library and our study spaces. Students should not remove their face-covering during an on-campus teaching session or whilst seated in either the library or our learning commons. However, staff who are delivering a class and are suitably physically distanced from their students may remove their face coverings if they wish for the duration of the lecture once all students are seated.

They should be worn in some parts of student accommodation where 1m distance from people from another household cannot be guaranteed. This includes corridors and some shared facilities such as laundries and common rooms. Face coverings are not essential in kitchens and bathrooms shared by multiple households, where other mitigations including 1m physical distancing and enhanced cleaning and personal hygiene measures are in place.

Face coverings should not generally be required when people are interacting face-to- face with others within their household, for example in a cluster flats or other private space.

We look forward to seeing you! Stay safe, and don’t forget we are here to support you, every step of the way.