We have a variety of learning approaches to support delivery of the GA programmes. All require some attendance at our campus in Edinburgh for traditional learning and focused support. This attendance is usually one day per week, although there is some flexibility in the summer, around other traditional holiday periods and for remote locations.

We use our Virtual Learning Environment (VISION) to provide access to learning materials including notes, on-line lectures, structured and directed learning materials.

Each apprentice has an Individual Learning Agreement (ILA) forming the basis of their learning. The ILA is individual to each apprentice and designed and discussed with them and their employer. Formally the ILA is agreed each year but is reviewed quarterly to address any changes due to business requirements.

Apprentices are supported throughout the programme by a Personal Tutor from the University who is a subject specialist and a Work-Based Mentor who helps apprentices apply their learning in the workplace and helps to identify evidence of competency. This support will also guide the apprentice to reflect on their learning through the development of a portfolio.

What are the benefits for employers?

Graduate Apprenticeships allow employers to maximise their return on skills investment, providing the graduate talent pipeline that their business needs.

Apprenticeships are proven to deliver tangible business benefits through a blend of academic and practical learning. Benefits include: increased productivity, talent development and retention, improved service delivery, and staff engagement in their own professional development.

Skills Development Scotland is prioritising sectors with critical skills shortages. GAs in these areas allow companies to employ young people who can learn through a combination of methods and apply that learning in the work environment, to contribute to business while they learn.

What are the benefits for individuals?

Graduate Apprenticeships are a brand new way for you to achieve up to a Master’s degree level qualification, while in paid employment. GAs are designed by employers, so you can be sure the qualification and skills you develop, are what you need for the world of work

You may be a school leaver wanting to go into employment rather than go to university, in the traditional way, or a current employee - or a Modern Apprentice - wanting to increase your opportunities in the workplace. Either way, your learning in the workplace contributes to the degree award.

The balance between work and study is about 4 to 1, but because the two activities are integrated it’s very efficient allowing you to complete your degree in the same time as a traditional full-time degree.

All GAs require paid employment. This means that you are being paid to learn, rather than having to rely on student loans to fund your degree. The tuition fees are also paid, so you don’t have to worry about these either.