Haggis Bon Bons

Wills bon bons

I have done haggis bon bons which are an old favourite of mine. I make these for when friends are coming round for drinks and nibbles…. If I can’t be bothered, my local butcher makes them but I prefer mine!

Will Macpherson, General Manager, Marriott Courtyard Hotel


120 grams of haggis

salt and black pepper to taste


Whisky mayo

25ml whisky

50ml mayonnaise

Finely chopped flat leaf parsley

Mixed all ingredients together 


Tempura batter

100 grams self-raising flour

20 grams cornflour

Sparkling water

Mix together until a smooth batter



1. Portion the haggis into 20g balls, roll into seasoned flour.

2. Coat in the batter mix and gently drop into a deep fat fryer for about 5-6 mins at 180 degrees.

3. Drain onto paper and season with salt and pepper.