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Using our alumni networking platform Watt Club Connect, we built a virtual community of over 10,000 alumni together. Whilst Watt Club Connect was a useful resource for many of you, feedback and data showed us that the platform was no longer serving our alumni community in the way intended.

We took the decision to close Watt Club Connect on 2 March 2021 and concentrate on building online networking opportunities in spaces that we know already work for you.

Watt's next

To ensure we can continue to support you and you have the opportunity to support others, please connect with us through the following ways:

  • Our Watt Club LinkedIn Group with over 18,000 members, is a great way to find and network with fellow alumni.
  • Stay connected and engage with us via our Watt Club social media pages.
  • Attend a Watt Club event – scroll to the bottom of our homepage for the latest information on upcoming events.
  • Branch network  – If you’re looking for specific information on a regional branch of the Watt Club please email our alumni team
  • The Career Mentoring Programme is how the careers service connects students and recent graduates to a pool of industry mentors. If you’re looking for a mentor or to support someone through mentorship this resource is here for you.
  • Careers Support – alumni who have graduated in the last 2 years qualify for specialist careers consultant support. Meet with a consultant to discuss your personal job search strategy and to get feedback on CVs and applications.
  • Find a job – GRADfutures is our careers service vacancy database. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a job and you can also access a range of workshops and employer events to help you navigate your career pathway.
  • Recruit our students and recent graduates – If you are an employer you can also utilise GRADfutures to advertise a job and to hire a graduate.


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