Sour Cherry Cocktail

Catriona's cocktail

Our story starts in our factory just south of Loch Lomond where we combine our water kefir with fruit juices to create the flavours that Middle Way customers know and love. Our fruity and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed by themselves, or as the perfect mixer for your favourite tipple – I’ve had quite a lot of fun creating this recipe for you try.

Catriona Monson, Director of Middle Way Drinks
BSc (Hons) Food Science Technology and Management, 2011


25ml amaretto

25ml vodka

150ml Middle Way Sour Cherry

50ml lemonade or cream soda



1. Pour 25ml amaretto into a tall tumbler or cocktail glass

2. Add 25ml of vodka

3. Add half a bottle of Middle Way Sour Cherry

4. Top up the glass with lemonade if you like zingy cocktails, or cream soda if you fancy something sweeter.

5. Garnish with a glace cherry and enjoy!


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