Italian Gnocchi

Carina gnocci

Contini’s story starts over 100 years ago when our families arrived here as immigrants from rural Italy. They had been farmers but, without any land, they decided to make a living from the other thing they knew and loved – good food. Our Italian gnocchi with sage butter is a classic vegetarian dish as the season potatoes are the fluffy varieties that are needed to make these light and delicious.

Carina Contini, Owner of Contini Restaurants
BSc Estate Management, 1992


250g fluffy potatoes such as Maris Pipers

125g plain flour 



1. Peel and cut the potatoes in half and place in a large pot. Cover with cold water and simmer until tender.  They need to be soft. Don’t salt the water at this stage. 

2. Drain and leave the potatoes in the colander draining over the pot and cover with a clean tea towel until you’re ready 

3. While the potatoes are still warm mash them until light and fluffy. Add the flour and mix as well as you can.  I usually do this first stage in a bowl in the sink as it makes less mess. 

4. Disinfect your work surface as you’ll need to mix and roll out and cut the gnocchi 

5. Transfer the mashed potato and flour mixture to the surface and slowly kneed in all the flour.  The mixture will take about 5 minutes to be incorporated.  It needs to be bound together.  It’s not as firm as a bread mixture so you can be light with your hands but it needs to be well incorporated.  If not it will just collapse in the water when you boil them. 

6. Roll out the mixture to about 1 cm thick and then cut into 1 cm strips.  Cut into 1 cm cubes and then press with a fork to slightly squash and turn the dumplings. 

7. Once cut lay on top of sheets of greaseproof paper. 

8. When you’re ready to cook the gnocchi bring a large pot of salted water to the boil and gently place the gnocchi in the water.  Be careful not to let the dumplings splash into the water as you might get burned. 

9. Allow them to come to the boil and cook for another minute or two until the dumplings are cooked through. 

10. Drain and serve with melted butter and sage


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