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The Mary Burton Fund applications

Applications now closed for 2020.

The Mary Burton Fund offers financial assistance to female Heriot-Watt STEM students wishing to attend conferences or other career development opportunities. Awards can be used to pay for a variety of costs such as conference fees, travel, accommodation or childcare that could otherwise act as a barrier to career development.

For more information please see the application guidelines and use the Mary Burton Fund application form, or contact Fiona Robertson at or on 0131 451 8463. 

Annual Fund 2020 applications

Applications closed for 2020.

The Annual Fund supports student-related projects each year thanks to the generous donations from the University’s alumni and friends. 

The fund exists to enhance all aspects of student experience at Heriot-Watt by allowing you to undertake innovative projects, perform on a global stage, or expand your professional network. Projects should have a demonstrable impact on the wider student population.

The Annual Fund is managed by a committee of representatives from the student, staff and alumni communities. 

Application form and guidelines

Application forms must be typed and must be complete before they are submitted, which includes having all the required references. 

A decision will be made within six weeks of the closing date.

For more information, please see the application guidelines or email Fiona Robertson at 

Previously funded projects

Two examples of previously successful applications are:

HW Racing: Students come together to build a car and compete against other universities at Silverstone ever year.

First Aid Africa: Students from across the University travel to remote villages in sub-saharan Africa to teach life-saving first aid skills. 

You can hear more about previous grants in the video below.

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