GRID building from across the loch

GRID is a new ground-breaking facility to advance our global research, innovation and discovery. It has been designed to create cohesion between academic disciplines, industry partners and the global community, providing an innovative teaching and learning environment for mathematics, engineering, physical sciences and computer science students and staff.

This new teaching facility for discovery and innovation will provide a dedicated space for multidisciplinary collaboration, with a solution-focused, hands-on approach: learning through making and doing. Engineers, computer scientists, industry experts and entrepreneurs will collaborate across time zones and around the clock to resolve real-world scenarios together, in a flexible and dynamic study environment, mirroring that of the working world. In addition, a quarter of the facility will be committed to enterprise, embedding a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and improving business skills amongst our undergraduate population.

The Centre will be composed of specially designed ‘neighbourhoods’, which provide a mix of communal and private spaces. These neighbourhoods include:

Design Labs
Covering two floors, these open-plan high specification computer suites will utilise the latest design engineering and computer science software.
Maker's Labs
Collaborative, flexible workspaces with 3D printers, laser cutters, board fabricators and other prototyping tools, where students can bring ideas to life and learn through practical, hands-on making and doing. 
Maths & Coding Gym
Open access, multi-purpose spaces with the latest learning technology where students can fine tune their core technical skills. 
Visualisation Suites
A virtual ‘real world’ simulation arena where students can use the latest VR outfits and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems, test solutions, and manipulate their creations using life-size VR format.
Enterprise Hub
A dynamic, flexible, knowledge exchange area where students can take their learning beyond experimental demonstrations and into the world of commercial development.