Dr David McGillivray gained a BSc in Chemistry at Heriot-Watt, specialising in Mass Spectrometry. Upon graduating, he moved to Canada where he eventually gained a PhD in Chemistry at Ottawa University. He subsequently worked at the University of Victoria for 35 years, publishing many papers and teaching students in his area.

David was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and sadly passed away on 12th May 2018. However, he looked back very fondly on his time at Heriot-Watt and was always grateful for his experience and encouragement from his Professors. He wanted to ensure that other budding Chemists could benefit from the same experience and support that he did. The Dr David McGillivray Access Bursary in Chemistry will support one Chemistry undergraduate every year for the duration of their degree.

David’s generosity will ensure that his memory lives on at Heriot-Watt and that future generations will benefit greatly from his support. The first recipient will be in September 2018 and we look forward to the lasting and effective legacy of this fantastic bursary.