BA (Hons) Design for Textiles
Access Bursary Recipient 

"After seeing the University represented at the New Designer's Show in London, I knew I wanted to go to Heriot-Watt, but the recession had just hit. My dad was made redundant, and my mum was caring for my younger brother, so there was limited income in our house in Glasgow.

If it wasn't for the Access Bursary, I wouldn't have been able to come to Heriot-Watt. It made sure my rent was paid meaning I could focus on university. Although I still had a part-time job, I could work fewer hours and spend more time in the design studio"

Nicola graduated with a first class honours degree and was inundated with job offers. After working in England for a few years, she is now having great success with her international business, Pattern Boutique: "I wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for Heriot-Watt and I wouldn't have made it to university at all if it wasn't for the donations of our graduates."