Computer Science, 3rd year
Access Bursary Recipient

The support I received from alumni via the Access Fund allowed me to flourish.

“I was the first person in my family to attend university. When I was considering coming to Heriot-Watt I was very concerned about the financial implications and how I would manage, so it was fantastic to discover my situation was understood and to receive support via an Access Bursary. It’s allowed me to flourish and has definitely had an impact on my wellbeing.

I think that influenced me to champion student wellbeing, particularly from the perspective of my experience. For example, one of the biggest issues I’ve faced is the need for a guarantor to secure accommodation. For people like me, it’s not possible to ask a parent, so I’ve worked with the University’s Student Services to develop a guarantor service to support students via a new approach.

Counselling services are a critical resource for student wellbeing and demand for them has been increasing across all universities. And while Heriot-Watt is possibly one of the few which doesn’t put a limit on the number of counselling sessions any student can receive, there was a real need to make the Counselling Service more responsive for individuals experiencing unexpected trauma or a sudden crisis. Now we’ve established a drop-in facility which means some immediate support can be provided in these situations.”