Geophysics has many applications, which not only enable us to image and characterise the near-surface and subsurface geology but also quantify the processes that occur in the subsurface. Geophysical techniques have been used in all facets of the upstream hydrocarbon industry, from petroleum exploration to reservoir development and reservoir management while near-surface geophysical techniques have transformed our understanding of many environmental processes.

Applied geophysics is an integral part of the Lyell Centre where the Institute of Petroleum Engineering and the BGS have pioneered many geophysical techniques, workflows, and applications, from petroleum exploration and time-lapse monitoring of producing reservoirs to developing new rock physics models that enable us to better characterise fractures and faults in the subsurface. This research benefits from our complementary expertise in petrophysics, reservoir characterisation and reservoir modelling while the results feed directly into other disciplines relevant to the hydrocarbon industry such as history matching and model calibration.

The broader expertise at the Lyell Centre in disciplines such as groundwater hydrology, CO2 storage, hydrothermal systems and geothermal energy also allows us to expand our applied geophysics research to environmental applications. The research environment at the Lyell Centre hence provides the equipment, time and expertise to further innovate all areas of applied geophysics related to near-surface and subsurface geological processes.