Heriot-Watt University uses an online job site called iRecruit. As an external candidate you can:

  • Search for job postings
  • Register for job alerts
  • Apply for jobs
  • Track job applications
  • View details of scheduled interviews
  • Receive and accept job Offers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I search for jobs?

You can search for jobs by accessing the iRecruit site and using the search functionality such as date job was posted or keywords. You can do more advanced searches for example campus location, job category, amount of travel, salary and full-time or part-time vacancies.

2. How do I register for job alerts, apply and track progress of my application?

From the iRecruit site, click on "Register today" or jobs.hw.ac.uk and create your online account. You can set up preferences for job alerts and apply for jobs from your online account. You must register and create an account to apply for jobs and track the status of your applications.

3. What happens to my personal information when I register and apply for jobs?

Once you register with our online jobsite we will keep the information you have provided securely and use it only to let you know about vacancies which may be of interest to you. We comply fully with the UK Data Protection Act, 1998 and relevant privacy laws in other countries. We will keep your details for one year and then ask you to re-register if you wish to keep in touch with us.

4. How can I access and store jobs for future reference?

You can access and store jobs using the Job Basket function.

5. How do I use the home page on my online job account

Your home page displays all the information about your job applications. You will receive notifications here when your job application status changes or when you have been referred for a vacancy. Some notifications contain links to messages about jobs you've applied for such as interview details. You can export interview details in the iCalendar file to the calendar application that supports the .ics format and monitor upcoming interview events easily in your calendar application.

6. When I applied for a role I was asked to provide personal and sensitive information such as my religion and ethnicity. What happens to this information?

This information is available only to Human Resources and is not passed to the hiring manager. It is used for equal opportunities monitoring and statistical analysis and is a statutory requirement for the University to report on such information as a public body. It is also used to help us continually improve on our equality of opportunity for job applicants.

7. How do I see information about jobs I've applied for?

The Jobs Applied For region displays information about job applications that you submit. You can view job details and track the progress of your job applications using the Status column.

8. How do I find out about interviews?

My Interviews displays information about scheduled interviews. You can view interview details such as the interview location, interview status, and interviewer.

9. Can I store and update personal information relevant to my application?

Yes. The My Account function enables you to store and update personal information, qualification information, employment history, work preferences and other pertinent information. You can upload a CV, supporting statement and other documents.

10. I don't have a CV

Don't worry. iRecruit can create a CV for you! Just choose the format you prefere and enter your personal information and a CV will be created for you.

11. Can managers search for registered candidates to fill vacancies?

Yes. iRecruit identifies candidates whose skills and work preferences match those of the vacancy. You can specify whether managers searching for candidates can access your details. Candidates can elect to remain hidden from managers during a candidate search. In this case, candidate details are available to only those managers who oversee the vacancies for which the candidate applied.

12. I have been asked to complete a job assessment as part of my job application. What is this?

Heriot-Watt University uses assessments (or surveys) to request details from applicants about their eligibility to work in the country for which they are applying. It is important that you provide this information as it is required to ensure you are legally able to work.

13. Where can I get help if I get stuck?

On the University's job opportunities pages you will find contact and help details, specific to your country.

14. Can I log into iRecruit away from work?

You can access iRecruit (via iHR) away from work by logging into the University's Virtual Private Network (VPN).  A quick link is accessible from the Heriot-Watt University home page to IT essential information including the VPN is available here. Once you are connected to the VPN, you can access iHR via this site https://ihr.hw.ac.uk/ . Please note, you must log in to the VPN each time you wish to access iHR/iRecruit away from work.

15. I am receiving an error page when clicking email links

When clicking on a link from iRecruit emails, internal users may see an error "You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the administrator for assistance". If you see this error you can either go through ihr.hw.ac.uk, or close down all browser tabs and windows and try the link again.