I joined the University in 1991 as a technician. Now, in my current role as Departmental Superintendent, I manage a team of 13 technicians.

I feel very privileged to be paid to do something I love whilst having fun in a challenging and creative environment

It's certainly a busy and challenging role, but I feel very privileged to be paid to do something I love – to help students make lovely garments – whilst having fun in a challenging and creative environment.

Memorable moments

I've had many great times at Heriot-Watt, although there are two that particularly stand out.

I was lucky enough to meet the Queen last year, when we were invited to celebrate the British fashion industry at Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing experience, we had a brilliant time and got to meet fashion icons and attended a fantastic reception.

I've also had the chance to go over to our Dubai Campus on two occasions now, where I got the chance to work with the course director and the students, which was a fantastic opportunity. The students had great energy and it was great to learn about other cultures.

Continuous development

I feel lucky to work with people who have a passion for textiles and fashion

Heriot-Watt is a great place to work and very creative. I feel lucky to work in a place that is exciting and always changing, and to work with people who have a passion for textiles and fashion.

I really enjoy working with students; it's great to see them develop and grow from first to fourth year: it's very satisfying.

I also enjoy the fact that the student body is always changing, and the students and academics certainly keep me on my toes by pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me on a regular basis, which I really enjoy as it ensures I'm always learning.

Nurturing relationships

We have good relationships with students who often come back and visit after they've finished their studies. It's great to find out what they're doing, and to have such good links with our alumni.

Throughout my time here, Heriot-Watt has been very accommodating and family friendly. I've been able to develop my career at my own pace, which has been great.