New Charter and Statutes

The University Charter and Statutes were substantially revised in 2014/15, approved by the Privy Council in July 2015, and came into effect from 1 September 2015.  These can be accessed below; their supporting Ordinances and Regulations are available on the next page. 

Heriot-Watt University originally received its Charter in 1966.


The Charter and Statutes provide part of the regulatory framework for the University and its staff and students.

The Charter

The Charter defines the objects, powers, officers and statutory bodies of the University. It defines the University as a teaching, research and examining body and includes such fundamental powers as those of awarding degrees.

The Statutes

The Statutes prescribe details concerning the appointment, powers, duties and conditions of service of officers and members of staff of the University, the membership and functions of statutory bodies (including the Court and the Senate), the approval of Ordinances and Regulations, and other provisions.


Charter of the University

Statutes of the University

Further information:

Any questions about the Charter and Statutes should be directed to Lorna Kirkwood-Smith, Head of the Secretariat ( or John McDermott, Officer to the Secretariat (