Reassessment procedures

Reassessments include resit examinations and re-submission of project, course work or remedial work. 

Students who study on one of the University's campuses are reminded of the University policy that examinations must be taken at the campus at which the student is studying. Students must note that this includes examinations during the December and Spring diets, and Resit examinations scheduled during the Autumn diet (ie the diet which takes place over the summer vacation).

Registering for reassessments

If you are required to be reassessed in August 2014 you will be automatically registered for the reassessment.

If you are required to be reassessed in December 2014, you will be required to complete and submit a reassessment application form.

Payment for reassessments

The reassessment fee is £35 per course.

If you have completed a reassessment of any kind in August 2014 you will be invoiced for the full amount.

Payment for reassessments taken place in December 2014 will need to be made on submission of the reassessment application form.

IDL and ALP students

For some independent distance learning (IDL) and Approved Learning Partner (ALP) students your re-assessment arrangements will be handled by your School or ALP.  If you are required to be reassessed, please complete the ALP and IDL reassessment application form.

Reassessment diet dates

Refer to the reassessment timetable publication dates for your programme.


Semester/Diet Dates
Semester 3
06 August 2015 – 14 August 2015
10 August 2015 - 14 August 2015*


* Scottish Borders Campus only

Academic Year 2015/16

Semester/Diet Dates
Semester 3
4 August 2016 – 12 August 2016
8 August 2016 - 12 August 2016*


* Scottish Borders Campus only

Additional re-assessment opportunities

If you have been permitted to progress on to the next stage of your studies but wish to be re-assessed in any taught courses you should complete the following a Request for Additional Assessment Opportunities form.

Please note that if you require additional assessment opportunities because you are unable to proceed further on your programme of study you are required to submit an appeal, where valid grounds are present. Learn more about our Student Academic Appeals procedures.