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Heriot-Watt University

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Kiranjeet, Malaysia

The Heriot-Watt Management Programme was recommended to me by a friend and I chose it because it is a well recognised university and because the option to study part-time with 100% exam-base assessment suited me.

I recently moved from a different profession to Accountancy so the BA Accountancy and Finance degree has really given me the background and paper qualification that I require. It has also given me the option to further my studies into a professional course.

I liked the module sets and the fact that it’s not necessary to study other materials. I also prefer the 100% exam structure as I am working and don’t have much time for assignments. The course is definitely suitable for part-time students and I would recommend to other students.

My top tip for new students

My best tip for future students on the Programme is that it is really helpful to mind-map/ make notes of the module set especially for the important chapters earlier in the semester. This way, it’s easier to understand the flow and important concepts of the subject.