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Psychology is the science of behaviour and the mind. It uses a variety of scientific methods to explore major aspects of; the influence that our biology has on behaviour; the ways in which we develop from early infancy to adulthood; the ways in which we perceive the world, think, solve problems and make decisions; and the way we interact with each other. Understanding individual differences in the ways in which we think and behave provide other important considerations. All of these approaches to the science of mind and behaviour enable theories to be developed and tested within psychology.

Applied psychology takes up and usually extends the issues raised by psychology's theories in important settings such as education, work and organisations, health and mental ill-health, sports and exercise, systems design, marriage and relationships, the environment, forensic and criminological analysis and much besides.

Professor Catriona Morrison, Head of Psychology

Undergraduate programmes

All of our undergraduate BSc programmes are accredited by the British Psychological Society:

Edinburgh Campus:

Dubai Campus:


The National Student Survey 2010 rated Heriot-Watt's psychology degree 1st against 102 other institutions.

The Guardian's University Guide 2012rated Heriot-Watt's psychology degree 5th in the UK against 104 other institutions.