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  1. MSc/PGDip/PGCert Business Psychology

MSc/PGDip/PGCert Business Psychology

Psychology shows us how to carry out business effectively, on the basis of scientifically-derived evidence.

The MSc/PGDip/PGCert in Business Psychology is aimed at people who aspire to, or already have, a career in the business world. It provides detailed understanding of the many and varied applications of psychology to the business world, so that graduates are well-equipped for future employment. The programme materials emphasise lessons for actual business practice.

The programme addresses optimal means of designing products, how to get the most out of employees, how to lead employees, how to attract customers, and how to successfully change commercial organisations.

Each course provides students with a 'Guide for Line Managers', which they can use with their (prospective) employers to highlight the key lessons learned for their own business practice.

Study path

MSc students take all courses; PG Diploma students take all the courses except the project; and PG Certificate students select any four courses. 

Students may also take individual courses on a continuing professional development basis.

Completion of a lower qualification leads to course credit for higher qualifications.

Assessment is by coursework and examination, which focuses throughout on how the lessons learned apply to your own business practice.

10 reasons to study MSc Business Psychology

  1. Students are provided with full text teaching materials. The teaching and assessment in each module ask students, in effect, to consider how the material relates to their own business practice. The MSc project also gives students the opportunity to use the literature to devise a set of policies and procedures that will enhance a particular areas of their business practice.
  2. Why do this rather than a management MSc? Business is about people, namely designing products that people can use safely and which appeal to people, encouraging people to buy products, and managing people. Business psychology helps you to understand the 'people' aspects of business, and so is relevant to anyone involved in management, product design, or sales.
  3. Why do this rather than an MSc in Organisational Psychology? An MSc in Organisational Psychology has far more emphasis on research methods. While there will always be some psychologists working within business who actually carry out research and administer personality tests, psychology is relevant to a much broader range of business topics.
  4. Course materials devised with input from advisory board of business leaders.
  5. International relevance, as the course contains a strong coverage of how the material applies in differing global regions (e.g., the module on organisational culture). It equips you well for working overseas or with multinationals.
  6. No prior knowledge of business or psychology is assumed. As the course is relevant to people with a business background we can't assume that students on the course will have studied psychology before: as the course is relevant to people with a psychology background we can't assume that students on the course will have studied business before.
  7. Excellent e-Library facilities (e.g., electronic access to the full text of 500+ journals and a large number of ebooks)
  8. Flexible entry requirements. A degree in any subject is required for entry to the MSc. Extensive business experience alone allows entry on to the Diploma, and five years of business experience allows entry to the Certificate. We can grant an exemption from one module based on approved prior learning. Students with no qualifications can take individual modules for career development (and can actually use these for course credit so that thy can matriculate themselves simply by completing the course one module at a time!)
  9. Each module contains a line manager guide, which in effect is a letter written by the course leader to a prospective employer to explain what a student who has completed the module will bring to the workplace.
  10. Psychology at Heriot Watt came top in the most recent National Student Survey, the main measure of teaching quality and student satisfaction undertaken by British universities.