Institute of Petroleum Engineering

We are a leading Centre of Excellence in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geoscience, recognised internationally for the quality of our teaching, training and research.

We now offer a range of postgraduate opportunities, all uniquely tailored to the oil and gas industry, in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment which provides a stimulating place for learning and research.

In 2015 we celebrate 40 years at the energy nexus.  We are grateful for the continuing support of all our industrial sponsors and collaborators.

Finding us

We are based in the main Heriot-Watt University campus in Edinburgh, the beautiful capital city of Scotland, but we are a truly international institution with teaching and research work carried out across the globe.

The Institute is situated off Research Avenue South, Edinburgh campus.

When you arrive please make your way to the Enterprise Oil building reception area where if you have not already arranged to be met there is a telephone where you can contact our secretarial staff on ext. 3543 or 3545 for assistance.