Guide to tuition fees for students from England, Northern Ireland or Wales

Tuition fees total £27,000 for a typical 4 year degree

The annual tuition fee will be £9,000, but the overall cost for a typical 4 year Honours degree will be no more than £27,000 because:

  • well-qualified A-Level students can enter their Honours degree programme at Level 2 and complete the programme in 3 years.
  • students who choose to enter their programme at Level 1 will have their full tuition fees discounted by £2,250 each year, and they will also receive a one-off £1,500 payment contribution towards living costs in Level 1.

The annual £9,000 tuition fee also applies to the additional final year (Level 5) of enhanced first degrees such as MEng, MPhys, MChem and MMath.

Generous scholarships, bursaries & financial support available to reduce the cost of fees

  • We are offering a generous package of scholarships and bursaries to students from lower income backgrounds, and to students with exceptional academic achievements. Many students from England, Northern Ireland or Wales will pay less than £27,000.

  • Government loans and grants are available to help cover the costs of tuition fees and living costs. The types of loan and the amount of financial support that you are eligible to receive will vary depending on your circumstances.